Rosemont Manor Show Dogs
breeding AKC Sealyham terriers, Bedlington terriers,
& wirehaired miniature Dachshunds

June Cohron, DVM
211 Draft Avenue  Stuarts Draft, VA  24477
540-337-3592 (h)  540-290-2884 (c)
My goal at Rosemont is to produce healthy, well tempered dogs that improve the quality of their breeds.  The dogs on this page were valued contributors to my breeding program.  They were also an important part of my life as trusted companions. 

These dogs are now retired and live as pets here or with friends. Some have crossed the bridge to their eternal home and are waiting for me to be with them again.
GCH Rosemont's Cayenne Turbo

I liked my Charmin-Mercedes 2006 litter so much that I repeated the breeding in 2008. Sadie is from that litter and she won numerous Best of Breed honors including at the 2010 ASTC supported show in Dallas, TX. She is the ninth champion produced by my ROM Sealy Mercedes and my very first grand champion.  Sadie is a sweet, loving girl who just loved to show! She produced 2 litters of puppies - a total of 6 females and no males. Her daughter "Sassy" is owned by Hope Browne and produced a litter of 5 in December 2014.  All of Sadie's progeny have fabulous temperaments and several are competing in performance events.
Sealyham Terriers
sire - CH Efbe's Hildago of                         Goodspice
dam - CH Whist's Flashy Mercedes             of Rosemont
DOB - Aug. 26, 2008

Sadie is a Primary Lens Luxation carrier.
CH Rosemont's High Society

Grace holds a very special place in my heart as my first all breed Best In Show winner, especially since I was her breeder.  Grace competed twice at Westminister, going Best of Opposite Sex both times to her father Charmin. She also was Best of Opposite Sex at the 2008 ASTC National Specialty show, again to her father.  Grace retired from showing after winning Best of Breed and 4th in the Bred By Exhibitor Terrier Group at the 2009 Eukanuba National Championship show.  Grace produced 2 litters of puppies and has 2 champion progeny at this time.  Grace lives with her co-owner Linda Hildebrand.
sire - CH Efbe's Hildago of                            Goodspice
dam - CH Whist's Flashy Mercedes                of Rosemont
DOB - Oct. 16, 2006
Grace is Primary Lens Luxation clear
GCH Rosemont's Well Did Ya Evah

Kelly followed in her mother Grace's footsteps, becoming my second dog to win first place in the terrier group at an all breed show. She did this on the last day of a fabulous show weekend which included the ASTC and Midwest Sealyham owners supported entry in Topeka, KS. Kelly was the number 2 Sealyham terrier in the US in 2012 and retired at the end of 2012.  Kelly was never bred but passed the torch on to her little sister Frolic.  She lives with co-breeder and co-owner Linda Hildebrand.
sire - CH Thunder Rds Chile Bean            Goodspice
dam - CH Rosemont's High Society

DOB - March 27, 2010

Kelly is Primary Lens Luxation clear.
CH Rosemont's Shelby GT 500 Mustang

Shelby is Grace's littermate and finished her championship in December 2010.  Dog shows were never Shelby's cup of tea but she was a fabulous mother producing 3 litters of puppies before retiring. Shelby is the mother of Cleo and Maggie who have remained here to carry on her genetics.  Shelby now lives in Charlottesville, VA as a devoted companion and untitled therapy dog for Newby and her daughter Marcy.

sire - CH Efbe's Hildago of                         Goodspice
dam - CH Whist's Flashy Mercedes             of Rosemont
DOB - October 16, 2006

Shelby is Primary Lens Luxation clear.
sire - CH EJ's Lil Peashooter at Pocodachs
dam - Pocodachs Barbie Q MW
DOB - Dec. 17, 2007
CH Pocodox Little Sure Shot at Rosemont

Oakley finished her championship on August  7, 2010 in Roanoke, VA. She was bred by Ray & Abby Dunham and owned by June Cohron & Kim Green.  She produced 2 litters with 3 AKC champions before retiring.

CH Rosemont's Get The Party Started MW

Lizzy has a delightful temperament and beautiful rich red coat. She finished her championship in 2008 and produced 1 litter in 2011 by Clark. One of her puppies Bristol remains here as an AKC Grand Champion with many BOV wins.  Her son Tripp has received his Canine Good Citizen title and is training for his therapy dog title.  Lizzie lives with her best friend Carolyn here in Stuarts Draft.
sire - CH EZ Goin's Party Hardy MW
dam - CH Nightwind's Petite Delight
DOB - June 21, 2005
sire - CH EZ Goin's Party Hardy MW
dam - CH Nightwind's Petite Delight
DOB - June 21, 2005
CH Rosemont's Here For The Party MW

Gretchen had a wonderful show career including some Best in Specialty Show wins. She a wonderful companion and loves to ride along in the motorhome when I head out to shows.
CH Nightwind's Petite Delight MW

Christy is my very first wirehaired dachshund and one of my foundation females.  She is also my devoted companion and my heart dog.  She never misses a show, though she lounges on the sofa in my motorhome now during most events.
sire - CH D'tails Nick Kicks with                   Friedox MW
dam - Nightwind's Merridox Have A             Pepsi
DOB - March 9, 2000
Bedlington Terriers
My Bedlington Terriers will always carry the Sudor kennel name in memory of my dear friend and mentor Delores King who started me in the breed.
CH Sudor's Legacy
"Lisa Marie"

Lisa Marie retired from showing in 2010 after winning multiple group placements and breed accolades at specialty shows, including the Award of Merit at the 2009 Westminster Kennel Club show.  Lisa Marie produced a litter by Aspen in 2012 with 2 conformation champions.  Her daughter Harper is featured on the active dogs page.  Lisa Marie spends her days either resting on her personal couch or climbing out of the dog yard to roam the farm and chase pigs.

sire - CH Angel's Blue Elvis of Eden
dam - CH Bonnybrook Alanit De                 Hayyim
DOB - June 23, 2007

Lisa Marie is a CT 1:1 - clear
CH Sudor's Epoch Journey With Devonshire and CH Sudor's Legacy
" EJ & Lisa Marie"

Pictured here is judge Mareth Kipp awarding these littermates Best of Breed (from the classes) and Best of Opposite Sex at the Dayton Kennel Club show on November 15, 2008, the day before the BTCA Rotating National Specialty Show. I am ever grateful to Harriet Whitbread for her guidance and mentoring with this beautiful litter and to EJ's owner and my friend and mentor Linda Timmerman for her grooming expertise.