Rosemont Manor Show Dogs
breeding AKC Sealyham terriers, Bedlington terriers,
& wirehaired miniature Dachshunds

June Cohron, DVM
211 Draft Avenue  Stuarts Draft, VA  24477
540-337-3592 (h)  540-290-2884 (c)
CH Whist's Flashy Mercedes of Rosemont ROM 

Mercedes was my first female Sealy and the foundation of my breeding program, producing 7 AKC conformation champions and 1 agility champion with just 3 litters.  She was inducted into the American Sealyham Terrier Club Registry of Merit in August 2008.

Mercedes passed away in January 2014 just shy of her 12th birthday after a short battle with lymphoma.  Her progeny lives on all across the US and also in Brazil.
CH Bonnybrook Alanit De Hayyim

Allie was my first Bedlington and was the top brood bitch at the Bedlington Terrier Club of America National Specialty Show in 2010.  Her offspring are filled with her spirit and continue to win shows across the country.  Allie was a gift from my friends Dori King and Batyah Taban. Sadly, Allie passed away on December 14, 2011 after a short battle with cancer.  She will always hold a special place in my heart both as my first Bedlington terrier and as a fabulous friend and pet.
sire - CH ThunderoadsChromeNSteelOGoodspc
dam - CH Party To Whist
sire - CH Bonnybrook's Maestro
dam - CH Sudor's Intrigue De Hayyim

Max finished his championship 4 days after his first birthday in Raleigh, NC.  He has an awesome disposition and adds a bright spot to each day here at my home!  He has sired 3 litters of puppies so far. Max is available for stud to approved bitches. 
Sealyham Terriers
Bedlington Terriers
sire-CH Add-Sim's The Patriot MS
dam- CH Petalpusher's Bridal                   Bokay MS
DOB - August 27, 2006
My Bedlington Terriers will always carry the Sudor kennel name in memory of my dear friend and mentor Delores King who started me in the breed.
My goal at Rosemont is to produce healthy, well tempered dogs that improve the quality of the breed.  Any wins in the show rings are just icing on the cake.  Please enjoy meeting some of my dogs.
Clark is a handsome boy with a hard coat.  He is a wonderful size miniature dachshund, weighing just under 10 pounds in show condition.  He has sired 3 champions in 2 dachshund litters and 2 additional performance champions.  Clark garnered 1 group placement during his show career.  He is available for stud to approved bitches.

sire - CH Schoenheit What A Deal MW
dam - CH Y-Not's Skittles & Bits MW
DOB - July 28, 2008
Cleo finished her conformation championship at the Old Dominion Kennel Club show in April 2011.  She is a beautifully pigmented and hard coated girl with excellent drive and motivation.  Cleo loves agility and sometimes follows my instructions if they agree with her agenda.  Despite this power struggle she has both of her novice titles and we plan to resume competition after her maternity leave.  Cleo had a litter of 6 in 2014 of which 3 are being shown in conformation.  I also anticipate competing in agility with daughter Regal as she is already showing lots of natural ability.

sire - CH Werweise's Emperor
dam - CH Rosemont's Shelby GT            500 Mustang
DOB - May 16, 2009

Cleo is a Primary Lens Luxation carrier.

CH Champayne's Continental Coupe

Bentley was my very first Sealyham terrier and my first champion.  He sired 3 AKC champions and passed on his sweet temperament and vibrant personality.  In October 2013 he showed in the parade of champions at the 100th ASTC National Specialty Show where at age 14 he galantly loped around the ring for judge Fran Brown. He passed away shortly thereafter in November from injuries sustained at home.

I will always be grateful to Sheri Smith & Sarah Boyd for giving me Bentley and introducing me to the breed.

sire - CH Logo's In Your Wildest
dam - CH Pennlyn Pay Attention
Bode is from Oakley's first litter and sired by Clark. He is a wonderful pet and has a hard coat that is easy to work.  Bode received a Group 3 during his show career and many best of variety  honors.  He has sired 1 litter of puppies so far and is available for stud to approved females.  Bode is co-owned by Kim Green.
sire - GCH Gleneagle's Who's                    Famous Now MW
dam - CH Pocodox Little Sure Shot            at Rosemont MW
DOB - August 25, 2012
In Memory
Sophia finished her Grand Championship in November 2014 at the North Carolina Terrier Association where she also won the Owner Handled Terrier Group under judge Gier Flyct-Pederson.  Sophia was bred by Margery Good and France Bergeron and brings an infusion of excitement and new genetics to Rosemont.  Sophia is out of Valley, the Sealyham terrier who was Best In Show at the 2011 Montgomery County Kennel Club show, and sired by Italian import Luc. She has a hard straight coat and has lots!! of terrier attitude.  Sophia finished 2014 as the #4 Sealy in the US in breed points.
sire - CH Saore Know How
dam - GCH Efbe's Goodspice            Easy Money
DOB - Dec. 19, 2012

Sophia is Primary Lens Luxation clear.
Cleo delivered 5 puppies on January 22, 2015 sired by GCH Efbe's Thunder Rd at Burberry "Nicholas."  There are 4 males and one female and all have nice head markings which will be either black or blue badger.  Contact June by email or phone for more information on this litter and availablity of puppies.  They will be tested for PLL at 5 weeks of age.
GCH Goodspice Efbe's EZ Once U Know How
CH Rosemont & Goodspice Queen of Denial NA NAJ
GCH Rosemont's Tribute To Whist
"Margaret Mary aka Maggie"
Maggie is a daughter of Sadie and Bentley and she completed her AKC Grand Championship in September 2013.  She has a hard straight coat and dark pigmentation.  Maggie's pedigree goes back to Charmin on her mother's side and Bergita, Taz, and Fabio on her father's side.  I hope to have a litter from her in 2015.
sire - CH Champayne's                          Continental Coupe
dam - CH Rosemont's Shelby GT            500 Mustang
DOB - Oct. 8, 2010

Maggie is Primary Lens Luxation clear by parentage.

CH Rosemont's Now You Has Jazz
Satchmo is from Grace and Chilibean's 2010 litter and finished his championship is 2012.  He is sized like his father and has sharp badger markings and a wonderful straight coat.  Satch now lives in Mechanicsburg, PA with Robin and Ashley where he is training to compete in agility.  He is available for stud to approved females.
sire - CH Thunder Rds Chile Bean                  Goodspice
dam - CH Rosemont's High Society

DOB - March 27, 2010

Satchmo is Primary Lens Luxation clear by parentage.
Rosemont & Goodspice No Denying It
Alexander is from Cleo's first litter sired by Truman, the winner of the 2012 ASTC National Specialty Show at Montgomery.  Alex has rich dark pigment and lots of straight hard coat.  His grandsire is my dog Nero (seen on the reference dog page) who was imported from Sweden.  Alex will be shown throughout 2015 so look for him in person. He is available for stud to approved females.
sire - CH Efbe's Goodspice Semper Fi
dam - CH Rosemont & Goodspice                     Queen of Denial NA NAJ
DOB - April 19, 2014

Alexander is Primary Lens Luxation clear.
Rosemont's River Queen
sire - CH Efbe's Goodspice Semper Fi
dam - CH Rosemont & Goodspice                     Queen of Denial NA NAJ
DOB - April 19, 2014

Regal is a Primary Lens Luxation carrier.
Regal is Alexander's littermate.  She is a blue badger with the most loving temperament and a good showring attitude.  She will also be shown throughout 2015 and has started some agility training.
GCH Rosemont & Pocodox Fame & Fortune MW
Frolic is the singleton puppy from Grace's second litter sired by Jerry Miller's dog Harley who is the littermate to 2011 Montgomery County Kennel Club  Best In Show winner Valley (who is Sophia's mother.)  So far Frolic has 2 points but she has made it clear that the show ring isn't her cup of tea.  I'm still waiting to see what 2015 brings for Frolic.
picture coming soon
sire - CH Efbe's Easy Rider
dam - CH Rosemont's High Society
DOB - May 5, 2013

Frolic is Primary Lens Luxation clear by parentage.
Adam is out of Oakley and sired by BIS winner Noah.  He has his father's beautiful hard red wire coat and has a very terrier-like showring attitude.  Adam is co-owned with Abby Dunham and has sired one litter of puppies for Abby.  He is available for stud to approved females.
GCH Rosemont's What's The Deal MW
sire - CH EZ Goin Schoenheit Here's          The Deal MW
dam - CH Pocodox Little Sure Shot            at Rosemont MW
DOB - November 27, 2009
CH EZ Goin Schoenheit Here's The Deal MW
CH Diagram's The Emperor of Rosemont MS
CH Sudor's Storm and Grace
Harper finished her AKC conformation championship in May 2014 and then moved on to the agility arena.  She is out of Lisa Marie and sired by Aspen who at present is the top producing Bedlington sire of all time.  She is a beautiful girl with a wonderful coat that even I (as a very novice groomer) can trim properly.  Look for Harper in the agility ring throughout 2015.
sire - CH Bonnybrook's Magical Sudor
dam - CH Sudor's Legacy
DOB - February 3, 2012
GCH Rosemont's Life of the Party MW
sire - CH EZ Goin Schoenheit Here's          The Deal MW
dam - CH Rosemont's Get The Party           Started MW
DOB - July 11, 2011
Bristol is the granddaughter of my foundation wire dachshund and brings together genetics from Top Gun and Rooster.  She won many Best of Variety honors around the country.  Bristol is the best lapdog ever and has a phenomenal hard coat.  A litter is planned for 2015.